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Dave de Fijter has always had a thing for technology. Developing simple games and web-applications at a young age got him his first part-time job as soon as he could legally get one at a local company developing web-applications; He has been working in this field ever since. He finished his bachelor’s degree in ICT at Rotterdam University in 2007 while working a full-time job as a software developer for a startup.

Dave enjoys working with startups and mainly spends his time helping out startups with designing, building, maintaining and scaling advanced web-applications from the ground up. He did this as a freelance developer for the past 8 years and is currently a senior developer at an Amsterdam based startup-studio.

Dave joined the IOTA community in November 2017. He spent a lot of time on Slack helping out others, and was quickly made a moderator as a consequence of his dedication to the community.

On joining IOTA

I have been monitoring the rise of distributed ledger technology closely ...

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