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If you attended Swell in mid-October, one thing was clear: This was far from a typical banking event.

The inviting atmosphere put attendees at ease, prompting them to speak candidly about the pain points associated with cross-border payments, and the obligation they have to improve the payment experience for their clients.

After each conversation, three central themes emerged: Banks want and need to improve the retail and corporate customer experience, losing market share to other payment providers is a concern, and they need a line of sight into the future of blockchain.

Customers Say ‘Banks are Slightly Behind’

One of the main themes that came up repeatedly was the ability to track the status of a payment.

For some attendees and panelists, it was anathema to consider that it’s possible to track nearly every other aspect of our daily lives, but tracking a global payment is still hard to do for some financial institutions.

During the If Only My Bank Offered panel discussion, Kapil Mok...

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