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Much of the public discussion about digital assets today revolves around price. Companies hope for a pop on an initial offering to raise funds, investors seek to ride an asset for a long-term payday, or consumers try to time market moves for a quick buck. But while this emphasis on price may be appropriate for most assets, it does a disservice to XRP.

The ultimate merit of XRP lies not necessarily in its price, but in its institutional value and use cases. XRP is the only digital asset custom-built for enterprises to facilitate the transfer of value. This aligns with Ripple’s vision to create a global Internet of Value, by acting as a reliable, on-demand option to source liquidity and send cross-border payments.

Ordinarily, a company managing a cross-border payment would send money through traditional accounts that take three to five days to settle. Alternatively, a company can speed up this transaction by pre-funding nostro accounts in the recipient’s country to cover the amoun...

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