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Due to a Chromium vulnerability affecting all released versions of the Mist Browser Beta v0.9.3 and below, we are issuing this alert warning users not to browse untrusted websites with Mist Browser Beta at this time. Users of “Ethereum Wallet” desktop app are not affected.

Affected configurations: Mist Browser Beta v0.9.3 and below
Likelihood: Medium
Severity: High

Malicious websites can potentially steal your private keys.

As Ethereum Wallet desktop app does not qualify as a browser — it accesses only the local Wallet Dapp — it is not subject to the same category of issues present in Mist. For now, it is recommended to use Ethereum Wallet to manage funds and interact with smart contracts instead.

Mist Browser’s vision is to be a complete user-facing bridge to the ethereum blockchain and set of technologies that compose the Web3. The browser paves a significant path for the next Web our ecosystem is proudly building.

Security-wise, making a browser (an app that loads ...

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