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Metropolis is finally (almost) here! The fork for Byzantium, the first and larger part of Metropolis, succeeded on the testnet over two weeks ago, and the likely date for the fork on the mainnet has been set to block 4.37 million, which is expected to be on Oct 17. New features include opcodes such as REVERT and RETURNDATACOPY, as well as precompiles that can be used to support a wide array of cryptographic algorithms. At the same time, we have been seeing many improvements to Ethereum core code, Whisper, Swarm as well as Ethereum’s future scaling plans.

  • Casper PoC4 has been released. This includes an implementation of the fork choice rule, the Casper contract, and a complete pyethereum library, though not yet a full node that can connect to the network.
  • A “testing language” has been implemented that allows us to quickly implement tests for the Casper chain. This can also theoretically be used for the proof of work chain, and an extension to sharding is in progress.
  • Implementation of ...

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