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Ripple is excited to publish the first of our quarterly XRP Markets Reports. In order to continually improve the health of XRP markets globally, we will share regular updates on the state of the market including quarterly sales, commentary on previous quarter price movement and announcements of new third-party wallets, exchanges, validators and third party liquidity providers.

Quarterly Sales

In Q4 2016 market participants purchased $4.6m of XRP directly from XRP II*, Ripple’s registered and licensed money service businesses (MSB). There are a few important things to note about these purchases. First, they include sales restrictions that help mitigate the risk of market instability due to large subsequent sales. Second, these purchases are significant because they introduce important new partners to the XRP ecosystem. Lastly, institutional investment is a key differentiator for XRP and is indicative of its broader capital market potential.

Market Commentary

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