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In order to continually improve the health of XRP markets globally, we will share regular updates on the state of the market including quarterly sales, commentary on previous quarter price movements and related company announcements.

Quarterly Sales  

In Q2, market participants purchased $21M directly from XRP II, LLC*, Ripple’s registered and licensed money service business (MSB). These buyers tend to be institutional in nature and their purchases include restrictions that help mitigate the risk of market instability due to large subsequent sales. Additionally, XRP II, LLC* sold $10.3M worth of XRP. These sales are executed daily as a small percentage of overall volume. For Q2, they represented 0.09% (9 basis points) of the total $11.06B traded.

Market Commentary: Things Have Changed

Q2 2017 was one of the most significant quarters to date for XRP markets. In fact, it might represent a sea change in XRP’s adoption and relevance in the space. Though it’s difficult ...

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