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Editor’s note: This blog post is part of a series of posts that the OmiseGO team will publish about the technical architecture and implementation strategy of OmiseGO. This post focuses on updating recent activities and provides high level overview of the OmiseGO development roadmap, and will be followed with subsequent technically and strategically focused posts.

Our mission at OmiseGO is to deliver a public good, available to everyone, that can be used to build the next generation of financial services. This public good, a set of open-source technology designed to be used in a decentralized way, comprises 1) the Wallet SDK; 2) the Decentralized Exchange (DEx); and 3) the OmiseGO network that is built to scale according to Plasma architecture.

The path to the implementation of components on this kind of scale is not straight. Rather, the path will be winding and scenic with multiple stepping stones along the way.

Our highest priority is to ensure the security of the OmiseGO network and al...

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