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When faced with the issues of today’s antiquated cross-border payment system, we often focus on the difficulties of scalability with banks struggling to handle the amount of transactions, causing it to take three to five days to complete. In a time where you can send a text message to someone across the world in an instant, days can seem like an eternity. Ripple’s hope is that instead of waiting days we can move money the way information is moved today, creating the Internet of Value. But as fintech companies continue to grow, concerns are mounting around scalability and performance. Those who cannot solve these issues by increasing their transaction throughput (measured by transactions per second) to the level of companies like Visa and American Express will be left behind.

We’re excited to be introducing several new features that improve the XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol (ILP), by bringing the Internet of Value to life. ILP can now communicate with XRP Ledg...

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