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This is an important update corresponding with Bitcoin v0.9.3. Everyone is strongly advised to upgrade. Miners must upgrade to v0.8.7.4+ which enforces block version 2 by height710k or risk having their blocks discarded.

Technical Changelog

  • v0.8.7.4
  • Enforce v2 blocks at height 710000 on mainnet, 400000 on testnet
  • All miners must upgrade prior to this point or they run the risk of losing future block rewards.
  • Add `-maxorphantx=` option for control over the maximum orphan transactions and blocks
  • Don’t poll, it doesn’t exist anymore
  • v0.8.7.2
  • Mac and Windows Official Gitian Builds: upgrade to openssl-1.0.1h for CVE-2014–0224
  • Linux Gitian build uses Lucid 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.18
  • v0.8.7.1
  • Mac and Windows: upgrade to openssl-1.0.1g for CVE-2014–0160
  • All past Linux binaries were not vulnerable due to Lucid’s openssl-0.9.8k.
  • Upgrade openssl, qt, miniupnpc, zlib, libpng, qrencode.
  • Many bug fixes from Bitcoin 0.8.7rc stable branch includ...

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