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The abundance of news each week at Lisk led us to not only launch a bi-weekly newsletter, The Lisk Insider, but also bring back community updates starting with a monthly recurring blog post. It is our intention to ultimately bring you weekly updates here.

New Team Members (Andries, Michał, Mat and Julian)

November was a busy month at Lisk! Across development and marketing, here’s a brief recap of our latest releases and business updates.

  • In mid-November, we released Lisk Explorer 1.4.0 with enhanced UX/UI, improved performance, bug fixes and website analytics.
  • The latest version of our wallet, Lisk Nano 1.3.0, was released near the end of the month with several improvements including saved accounts, message encryption and new version notification.
  • Lisk was a trending GitHub repository in November, which brought a lot more visibility to our projects.
  • Our highly anticipated Development Roadmap was unveiled at the Lisk Berlin Meetup on November 22. We will be publishing a comprehensive blog pos...

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