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On May 25, 2018, Helsinki (Finland) will host Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, a large-scale event dedicated to cryptocurrency and ICO. The conference is organized by Smile-Expo.

The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, as you can guess, is dedicated to enlightening ordinary folk on the advancements and applications of cryptocurrency and how trading and cryptocurrency investments work. With the introduction of the distributed ledger technology, businesses must adapt their service provision to the new blockchain-based economy to stay relevant and solve all the commerce problems of traditional ways of doing business.

The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference is dedicated to the cryptocurrency trading and investments, the introduction of distributed ledger technology in business, the development of blockchain-based solutions, as well as to the global issues of the technology influence over the society.

Why Finland?

Finland is at the forefront of technological innovations. Government officials keep staying neutral to the cryptocurrency sphere regulations. The country does not have special strict rules for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies usage. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation in Finland, and around the world will become one of the main topics of theBlockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Speakers


At the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, Top experts from all over the world will discuss cryptocurrency trade and investments, distributed ledger technology integration into business process, blockchain-based solutions development and global problems of technological influence on the society.

Among the invited speakers there are experts from such companies as RefToken and BlockTrade Investments. Also, the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference will feature blockchain entrepreneur from First Global Credit and the head of Blockchain Innovation. TOP international speakers:

  • Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna – Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland.
  • Stefano Virgilli – CEO at
  • Jan Sammut – CEO at RefToken and founder at ICO Launch Malta.
  • Sampo Hyvärinen – COO at Prasos Ltd.
  • ...

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-- This article was first published on: Latest Crypto News