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Last week Isabella Dell, one of the earliest contributors to Lisk, left our team. The purpose of this blog post is to show our gratitude and say goodbye. Isabella joined the Lisk project in 2016 as a community member and quickly became a strong supporter for us. While still based in the USA, she took care of Lisk’s server infrastructure and kept the servers online during a time in which Lisk Core was not as stable and robust as it is today.

Due to her contributions and dedication we invited Isabella to come to Berlin and join our team as Lightcurve’s System Architect. We were happy that she accepted the offer. Isabella quickly proved herself as a person who likes to take on challenges, and over the first few months, she held various positions for the Lisk project. Aside from being the initial System Architect, she was also responsible for backend QA, DevOps and Lisk Build, becoming lead on Lisk Core as well. We are very grateful for all the great work Isabella has done during her time a...

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