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Capitalise Crypto provides automated and scaled portfolio management. Capitalise helps users implement and automate any type of strategies, from the simplest to the highly complex using natural language and without the need for coding experience. The idea for Capitalise Crypto was born from the need for an automated way to monitor the markets and implement trading strategies to take advantage of the best trading moments without being glued to your computer screen. You can forget about staying up all night waiting for the perfect trading opportunity.

The crypto market is well-known for its extreme volatility, which is heavily influenced by human emotions. Both novice and experienced traders struggle to control their feelings in this non-stop moving market. It’s not easy to stick to your trading plan. Capitalise allows you to create and run trading strategies, enabling you to trade your plan whether you are in front of the computer or not and without allowing your emotions to dictate your trading.

Capitalise Crypto uses a natural language processor which allows you to create strategies using a vast number of datasets. Firstly, decide what action you want to take: buy, sell or receive an email notification and then define the conditions for your action. In the conditions, you can choose between coin attributes. Attributes like volume indicators (prices, dominance, etc.), candlestick indicators (last day low, 5 minutes high, etc.), technical indicators (like MACD, Bollinger Bands, etc.) and more. You can mix and match them and ask the platform to do multiple actions according to multiple conditions.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s an example strategy: this simple strategy can be created with Capitalise Crypto: “Buy 100 units of ETH/USDT @Binance if the price of Bitcoin/Tether @CryptoCompare crosses below 7000 and the market cap of BTC is ...


-- This article was first published on: CryptoPotato