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Bitcoin Exchanges

A directory of Bitcoin Exchanges servicing the world’s 20 largest economies, as well as several international options (serving many countries) are now available on

Helping People Interested in Bitcoin, Get Bitcoin

This new addition to the site:

  • Links to the Find an Exchange button on the Getting Started page and helps many of the new people entering the Bitcoin ecosystem via, get bitcoin.
  • Improves SEO for, because the site can now potentially rank very well for “Bitcoin Exchange” as well as other key phrases that include country names that are contained on the page (i.e. Bitcoin Exchange China, Bitcoin Exchange India, etc.).
  • Has unique anchor links for each country that people can share on social media that will allow others to find the bitcoin exchanges that are available for their specific country.
  • Allows to focus the wallets page on wallets that allow people to maintain full control over their funds (Resolving issue #1109...

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