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We’ve received the Solidity compiler report, and intend to publicly disclose it in the coming week. Contract audits are in the final stages, and we should begin receiving feedback and reports over the next two weeks.

The UI is being wired up with Augur node, and we’re continually testing our deployments to test networks. We’ve hired Paul Gebheim full time, who you’ll see around as @Paul in our Discord chat. Welcome him to the team if you see him around!

Joey did a podcast with Crypto 101 titled “What is Augur”, linked below:

New knowledge / content for the week:

What if the number of markets is well above the number of reporters?

Why are reporting fees aggregated by reporting window instead of by market?

Where can I find the API to create a market?

If you have any questions or want to chat with our community, come join us on Discord.

Updated Repositories:

Augur Contracts (augur-core):


Augur Client Front-End (augur):


AugurJS (augur-js):


Augur Node (augur-node):


Augur Documentation (augur-docs):


The Augur Team

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