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Watch this live Q&A with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse where he’ll answer questions from the Ripple community. We’ll have a recording for those who missed it.
Here’s a transcript of the Q&A:

Monica: Hi, welcome to Ripple HQ. I’m here with Brad Garlinghouse, our CEO. I’m Monica Long, VP of Marketing, and we’re here for our live end-of-year Q&A. Thank you so much for submitting your questions on Twitter. We’re going to go through some of them now. We’re going to do these Q&As more frequently and more often so that we have more of a direct line for you guys to ask us questions. In fact, next Thursday, please tune in December 21st at 12:45 pm Pacific for a Q&A with David Schwartz, our Chief Cryptographer.

Brad: AKA Joel Katz.

Monica: Joel Katz, yeah. And it’s XRP Ledger’s five-year anniversary, so it should be a really exciting one. OK, shall we get to it?

Brad: Thanks for having me.

Monica: Well, thanks for bein...

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